On haiatus till recovery

So many of you may be wondering why I haven't posted since start of Feb. It's all due to me getting busy traveling to and from long distances and caught something famous on the last week of January.

It felt like huge bricks just fell on my entire body and couldn't move much for the next 2 weeks and when it ended another came this time in the form of a large piece of flesh on my calves swelling up then bleed like it was its first period or something.

Yes it is painful but I am starting to recover.

And in the meantime I'll be putting this game on hold for now coz I can't concentrate at all with this throbbing, menstruating thing on my leg.

And by the furry murr I gotta stop procrastinating too so I could get ahead of these annoying distractions and actually manage post regularly.

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing better than I am and hopefully I don't loose my leg ahahahaha

See you guys on the next update! 

Get To The Lonely A Home


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How is everything going?


It's going well so far and I have recovered already and am working on the update. I should be able to finish before the end of this month too :D


Wish you a quick recovery, stay strong! 

Would me pestering you more help keep you on track? (like Daily or Hourly, not little kid every minute XD), obviously this also once your feeling better and need some motivation/brainstorming to get things running again! Lest they get torn apart or implode ! ;P


Best of luck to your leg's menstrual cycle. Hope it decides to be a leg again and not a uterus wannabe

Hope you get well soon

Best of luck on a speedy and smooth recovery.